Custom Ecommerce Website Designs

Efinitytech has built our e-commerce system from the ground up to integrate seamlessly with our VSM content management system to make it easy for you to manage your online store's products, transactions, options, pricing, inventory, shipping, etc.

With this fully featured module, you have access to an unlimited number of products quickly and easily. Our e-commerce dashboard allows you to quickly monitor most recent orders (committed, errored, uncommitted), sales by day and by month as well as Annual sales for the most recent 3 years.

Unlimited Categories and Products

With VSM and e-commerce, there is no limit on your products and categories, we do not charge you more for additional products. Our system allows you to organize all your products into their corresponding category and update  them at any time.

You can create new products, associate them with multiple categories, manage your inventory, create specific shipping prices, setup unique product options, etc.. all from one easy to manage page. The built in search tool also allows you to find any of your products easily by name, sku, or category.

Product Options

Our unique product options give you the flexibility to configure any number of options for your products. Whether it's sizes, colors, types, additions, or any other option you can think of, the VSM e-commerce module makes it easy to configure products options and associate them with any product.

Along with the ability to create each group and options, VSM gives you the ability to associate images within the product options. For example, if you had multiple colors of shirts, the options could be displayed in color format and when a customer clicks on the color they want the image updates to represent the new color chosen.

Your Online Store, Your Website, Your Control

VSM allows you complete control over your e-commerce store and website. We custom build a store that meets your business and customer needs. Integrate your real time credit card processor, define the credit cards you accept, manage coupons, create custom shipping types as well as organize your navigation as you prefer.

All of this is easily managed within the e-commerce module of VSM and because VSM is a supported solution, if you ever have e-commerce question Efinitytech is only an email or phone call away.

Full Transaction History

Our VSM e-commerce module features a fully searchable transaction history with reporting and tracking number functionality. This allows you to search past transactions, print out shipping labels, export your transactions to excel, and email tracking information directly to the customer.

We can integrate with your independent inventory system so you can keep all inventory management, transactions, and shipping info in one convenient place.

More Features...


  • Complete Integration of Store and Payment Processing with VSM Website
  • SQL DataBase Driven
  • Full Technical Support
  • Order transaction reporting by day and month
  • Inventory Support Capability

Design / Layout

  • Multiple Template structures
  • Customize Multiple Product Layout Templates
  • Customize Category Display Layout Templates
  • Easy Image Upload for Categories and Products

Store / Organization

  • Supports unlimited products and categories
  • Custom coupon creation for multiple discount types
  • Products-to-categories structure
  • Categories-to-categories structure
  • Manipulate Store Organization directly from VSM Navigation
  • Add/Edit/Remove categories, products, manufacturers
  • Administration access via VSM
  • Easily upload and download Product Database via spreadsheet
  • Select pagination preference and image display preferences in product list pages

Customer/ User Interface

  • Straightforward Shopping Cart & Checkout
  • Customer wish list
  • Multiple Product Search Options, Category, Direct Search
  • Message with Purchase Option available
  • Secure transactions with SSL 256 encryption

Product Display Options

  • Up to Five Product Images per item
  • Standard, Thumbnail and Medium Images auto created
  • Specials can be separately created with existing products 
  • Control Item / Category displayed on site
  • Display Associated Products
  • Provide Direct Link to Specials etc.
  • Convenient & Powerful Product Option Feature, e.g. colors, sizes


  • Real Time Credit Card Processing
  • Batch Credit Card Processing
  • Check processing
  • Competitive Processor Integrated
  • Email Notification and Confirmation of order
  • Quantity Based Discount Capability
  • Multiple User Group and Multiple pricing models
  • Affiliate Program Integrated


  • Item, and Order price based shipping modules
  • Define Available Shipping Options by Product
  • Auto Order Scan for Common Shipping Method for all items
  • Multiple Drop Ship Vendor Support within Single Order
  • Ship to Billing address only option
  • Zone based Shipping 


  • Tax implementation on a State basis
     Destination based Sales Tax where applicable
  • Support for Taxable and Non Taxable Product types
  • Charge tax on shipping where required